DriverLab Update – July 2015

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The Factory Acceptance Test  (FAT) of the DriverLab car mock-up has recently been completed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Following the FAT, the car mock-up has been shipped to the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute in Canada where the integration with the dome structure will follow in August this year.

During the FAT, the functionalities of the car mock-up have been tested. The car mock-up has an original, fully functional interior and is equipped with simulated and stimulated dashboard instruments and a force feedback system in the steering wheel. The entire car mock-up is installed on a turntable which, with the existing 6-DOF motion system at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, allows for realistic motion simulation when turning  corners.

As part of the environmental simulation systems, the rain simulator and the headlight (glare) simulator were tested and shipped to Toronto as well. The rain simulator uses real water which is sprayed in a controlled and realistic way onto the windshield, producing a realistic feel of rain to the car occupants. The headlight simulator makes us of high-power LED panels to create a realistic and effective bright light effects to the driver eyes when encountering oncoming traffic during driving in dark conditions.

The car mock-up and subsystems were developed and built in cooperation with different companies in the Netherlands and Germany. Cruden B.V. in Amsterdam realized the car mock-up from a real Audi A3, including simulation of the dashboard instruments. The turntable and steering wheel control loading systems were delivered by E2M. The turntable hardware was delivered by the German company Weiss. The rain simulator and glare simulator were built by Berkelaar MRT from Delft. The structural frame for installation of the car mock-up on the turntable was built by VLC Den Haag.

Preparations for the integration in Toronto are taking place now. Please stay tuned for more updates on the realization of DriverLab in the next months!


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