IDT’s DriverLab Simulator officially opened in Toronto, Canada

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IDT’s unique DriverLab simulator has been officially opened as the final part of the the iDAPT labs at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network (TRI-UHN). The simulator is designed to study the impact of our health on driving performance, with an aim to increase driver safety in healthy older adults and people living with injury or illness. DriverLab was designed, developed and integrated under the leadership of IDT in close co-operation with TRI-UHN and partners.

“What makes DriverLab unique is how the technology was driven by the user requirements”, according to IDT president Dr. Sunjoo Advani. “As we age, our ability to drive at night and in challenging weather conditions increases the risk of accidents. Elderly drivers are more risk prone since they often require medication, which can lead to drowsiness -or, they may have cognitive deficiencies, such as dementia. Creating these challenges on the road for testing drivers is nearly impossible, and unsafe.”

Real Rain

IDT produced a simulator with real weather, augmented with computer-generated images. In DriverLab, IDT built a special spraying system to create rain on the windshield, and re-circulate the water. While driving in crowded traffic, for example, the rain suddenly starts pouring down. “The fact that you need to use the real windshield wipers, that you need to slow down due to visibility, that you feel your hands gripping the steering wheel tightly – and actually believe that you have to worry about getting wet when you get out of the “car” is a true accomplishment in simulation technology”.

DriverLab is the most advanced driving simulator in Canada and unique in the world, in terms of the realistic experience it offers drivers. DriverLab will establish Canada as a global leader in safe driving research.

DriverLab’s innovative technology comes at a time when vehicle collisions represent the number-one cause of accidental death in Canada, and cost Canadians $62.7 billion per year. Global numbers are equally staggering: Every year, 1.24 million people around the world die in motor vehicle collisions and up to 50 million people suffer from disabling injuries.

Reducing Vehicle Collisions

The outcomes of DriverLab research will help reduce the emotional, physical, and financial costs of vehicle collisions, by reducing their occurrence. “DriverLab deals with an issue ​that is not just technical, but a very important social issue that puts stress in people’s lives,” says Dr. Geoff Fernie, Research Institute Director, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. “We’re motivated to solve problems that really affect people.”

DriverLab is an integral part of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s CEAL simulation facility, which was also developed by IDT from 2003 to 2012, when the DriverLab project started.

IDT is a leader in the design and development of unique simulators for automotive, medical research and flight training. The company has been involved in the development of over 35 simulators for companies including BMW, Boeing, NASA, the German aeronautical lab DLR, the Dutch National Aerospace Lab, and several universities. IDT also supports the global airline industry in enhancing its operational safety standards through better pilot training.


To view the full press release by University Health Network, please visit

More media coverage and videos are available through CTV Toronto News, Global News Canada,

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