Exploring New Roads with Virtual Reality

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DriverLab is the only simulator of its kind in Canada and offers a safe way to study a range of human variables in realistic traffic and weather conditions. It’s housed in the iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research’s Challenging Environment Assessment Labs (CEAL) in the basement of Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

“What we learn here could pave the way to help seniors maintain the ability to drive through something like a conditional license that would allow them to drive on city streets during the day. We’re also looking into whether cars should be equipped to recognize drowsiness in the driver and respond by turning the radio up or rolling down the windows to keep the driver awake,” says Geoff Fernie, a professor in the Department of Surgery and Toronto Rehabilitation Research Institute Director.

For the full article, please visit University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine online. Below is an excerpt of the interview with Dr. Fernie.


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