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Media reports in Canada on DriverLab visits most advanced driving simulator in Canada

It’s the most advanced driving simulator in the country and it’s being used by scientists with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. got behind the wheel. See the full video at

CityNews Toronto learns about driving and the effects of opioids

“We don’t know if the pain affects their driving ability,” she said. “But these painkillers, especially opioids, they can affect your ability to concentrate. They can make the person sleepy”, Dr. Andrea Furlan, a chronic pain physician at Toronto Rehab says. See the full video at CityNews Toronto.

Improving Health and Safety on the Roads – CTV reports

CTV News Toronto visits DriverLab at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. See the video at CTV News Toronto.

Toronto Rehab launches Canada’s most advanced driving simulator

Dr. Geoff Fernie, Research Director at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, tells about DriverLab at AM 640 radio. Listen to the podcast at AM 640 Radio.

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