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What IDT can do for your organisation

Consulting Services

Being an independent and flexible company, IDT has played different leading and support roles in small and large projects:

  • Turn-Key Projects; specification, design , integration and testing of complete simulation systems
  • Project Integration Manager, Advisor to Integrator/Customer
  • Analyses of Business Models related to technologies and products
  • Decision-Making Support regarding which products to select, based on experience and on solid analyses

IDT has the experience and expertise to offer  the following services to small and large organizations:

  • Analysis of Research, Engineering or Training Needs
  • Human Factors involved in Simulator Use and Training
  • Development and Analysis of  Simulator Requirements
  • Sub-system Design, Analysis and Realization
  • System Qualification & Testing (FAT, SAT)
  • Compliance Verification with International Flight Simulation Training Device Standards (FAA Part 60, JAR STD-1A, etc.)
  • Integrated Logistics Support for Training and Engineering Simulator

See our expertise pages on Driving, Flight, Medical, Rail and Visual Display Systems to see how IDT can help you realize your simulation needs.

Simulation Modelling and System Development

If it moves, it can be simulated. IDT helps you find the right choice of solutions to meet your technical and budgetary requirements, saving your precious resources.

  • Simulator Architectural Design
  • Simulation Facility requirements
  • Vehicle mathematical modelling
  • Visual Display Systems and interfaces
  • Motion Cueing Algorithms
  • Motion platforms, including custom designs
  • Control Loading Systems

IDT Global Network

IDT operates with a core of specialists with the availability of a broader range of international resources. These external experts provide support to our backbone of core capabilities, allowing IDT to take on projects up to large sizes and creating and participating in program teams within the customer’s environment.

Customer Categories

Among IDT’s customers are the following organisations:

  1. Research Centres, seeking cost-effective solutions for specific scientific research with the use of simulation or related technologies. We work with the customer to specify the requirements, procure the right systems, and integrate the solution.
  2. Airframe and automobile manufacturers, seeking the optimum solution for the virtual development of aircraft or vehicles. We support the specification of the simulation equipment, and oversee the development of the in-house capability.
  3. Training Providers, seeking to develop or upgrade their facilities. We provide the expertise needed to procure the correct solutions, and can also provide those solutions through our industrial network.
  4. Simulator manufacturers, seeking to improve their products. We support the qualification of their products to applicable norms or international standards, or to provide engineering support to these products. Our specific experience in physical cueing systems is unique.

Our general approach – work closely with the customer to find the optimum solution, and involve the customer during the development cycle.


Did you know?

IDT specializes in motion cueing algorithms Learn More