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Driving Simulation

Global Track Record

In driving simulation, our customers include car manufacturers and research institutes.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute DriverLab

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IDT is currently developing a driving research simulator for the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. The driving simulator will be part of the CEAL simulator which IDT has developed and realized for Toronto Rehab. The driving simulator will be used to assess the driving skills of (elderly) people and to investigate the effect of weather conditions, glare, traffic and devices such as navigation aids and mobile phones on the driver performance. The driving simulator will be equipped with simulation systems never seen before in any existing driving simulator. Stay tuned for more news about this unique and exciting project!

University of Leeds Advanced Driving Simulator

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For the ITS Safety Group of the University of Leeds in Leeds, United Kingdom, IDT has developed an advanced driving simulator. The driving simulator is a 6-degree-of-freedom hexapod motion system which is placed on top of a gantry type motion system. In this way, longer and stronger acceleration cues, typical for cars, can be simulated, for example during braking or when turning a corner at high speed. On top of the motion system, a visual dome is placed with a vehicle cab (Jaguar S-Type) inside. A projection system projects an image on the inside of the dome. The driver can control the vehicle cab just like a normal car while at the same time the motion system and projection system simulate accurate movements and visualisations.

IDT has supported the integration of the University of Leeds Advanced Driving Simulator and involved qualified partners in the realisation of this project. For more information, please visit the University of Leeds driving simulator website

BMW Dynamic Driving Simulator

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The challenges for the automobile industry in terms of developing and testing new driver systems can be tackled through virtual testing. IDT (through its affiliate ADSE b.v.) provided BMW in Munich, Germany, with a unique, high-performance driving simulation system. This high-performance simulator, utilizing a hexapod motion system and a composite materials dome, is used for various internal studies.


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