Visual Upgrade for FFS

Increase your Simulator Performance and Availability

Eyevis DLP® LED Projectors for Simulation and Training

Most flight training device visual display systems utilize lamp based LCoS projectors with a typical lamp lifetime of less than 5.000 hours and a typical lifetime of the projector itself of less than 25.000 hours.

IDT offers the opportunity to increase the lifetime, availability and the reliability by upgrading the visual system to our innovative and maintenance-free eyevis ESP LED projectors. With an LED lifetime of more than 60,000 hours and a projector MTBF of more than 150.000 hours (availability: >99.9%). The LED-lit DLP projectors offer the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to any other projector on the market.

Exceeds Level D Requirements

With 10 fL (foot Lambert) brightness for daytime simulations and 0.003 fL for night-time simulations, the projection system not only meets the requirements of level D FFS, but exceeds them due to higher brightness during daytime simulations and a lower black value for night vision. This guarantees a more realistic image impression and in this way increases the quality of the simulation.

Your Benefits in a Nutshell:

  • Long life time, low TCO
  • Minimize downtime of the simulator
  • No colour wheels, no filters – zero maintenance
  • Complete upgrade in one week
  • Compliant with your simulator qualification level
  • Highest reliability

Monitoring of the Projection System

Permanent monitoring of the LEDs guarantees highest availability of the projectors. The Automatic Colour Tracking function provides actual information about the Projector. When the LED is degrading over time, the LED power is increased. An example is visible in the log as shown in the figure below. While the Eyevis LEDs have the highest reliability, if a LED failure occurs, it can be identified ahead of time. The example shows a LED failure visible by the increasing power over time. The data allows users to schedule the replacement of the LED in advance of the actual failure, which once again reduces the down times of the simulator.

Complete Visual Upgrade in One Week

IDT develops a complete optical design with Eyevis ESP LED projectors into your current visual display. Only minimum mechanical modifications are required. IDT works closely with your simulation technicians to optimize the design and installation of the projectors, support the visual tests and ensure that your flight training device maintains the qualification level. Our work method is as follows:

Initial visit

During the initial visit, we will inspect the visual display system and verify the correspondence between the projector configuration, with respect to the (rear) projection screen, and how this is described in the documentation. If necessary, we take additional measurement. Additional customer requirements will be discussed and considered. To test the mechanical and optical compatibility of the new projector, we will replace one of the existing projectors with a new LED projector in the same position and orientation. With this test we can determine the projection offset between the old and new projector. The documentation, additional measurements and requirements will be used to develop an accurate design of the new projector layout.

Mechanical Adjustments

If the existing mechanical interface of the projectors is not useable, adjustments are needed to ensure that the new LED projectors are installed securely and optically correct with respect to the (rear) projection screen. Any mechanical adjustments will be considered and discussed with the customer. We have the capability to design and manufacture new mounting brackets if necessary. Modifications to the lens opening and light skirt may be necessary in order to fit the new lens and ensure that the setup is completely light tight.

Projection System Design

A 3D design of the new projector layout including new brackets is made. In the design we leave flexibility for small adjustments of the projector so that we can optimize the position and orientation during installation. An optical analysis will be performed to verify the resulting field-of-view, image overlap and optical properties on the (rear) projection screen. To achieve the best blending during day and night scenes, special hardware blending masks are used. The optical performance will be identical to the current setup, but in most cases better.

Projector Exchange

When the new projection system design and installation procedures have been verified with the customer, the new projectors will be installed onsite. Initially, one channel will be replaced. Before moving on with the next channels, we ensure that the images are properly aligned. A laser is used as a reference. This also allows us to restore the original layout with the old projectors in case more modifications are required. When the image alignment is correct, the other channels will be replaced. Following the mechanical installation, the color adjustment will be performed using the Eyevis software tool.

Customer Engagement

The geometry adjustment and software communication is the responsibility of the customer. However, after the installation of the new projectors, we will work closely with the customer simulator engineers and technicians to ensure that the new projection system meets the expected performance.

Simulator Downtime

Although the design of visual display systems across different types of Level D full flight simulators are generally common, there may be differences in the design of the projector support platform, projector mounting and interface to the rear projection screen. Therefore, the mechanical interface is the key part of the entire installation procedure. The previously described steps ensure that the new projector will be compatible with the current setup and that the installation will go as smoothly as possible. Based on previous experiences, the total downtime of the simulator is about 5 (working) days, including testing.

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