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The Netherlands Consul General visits DriverLab during Inauguration

October 13th, 2017

13 October 2017 – As part of the official opening ceremonies of DriverLab at the University Health Network, Consul General of the Netherlands Anne Le Guellec visited – and drove – this unique simulator. During the past five years, the Netherlands-based company IDT has worked intensely with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute to create DriverLab. This simulator will help improve road safety through better understanding of how age-related factors such as reduced vision, cognitive deficiencies and the use of medications affect driver safety. It will also be used to help design better feedback systems for future cars that help drivers with ... Read the Rest


IDT is a specialized simulation consultancy and engineering company, serving many research, engineering and training needs. We maintain and engage a network of well-experienced consultants and specialists in the Netherlands and beyond. IDT is able to flexibly manage multi-disciplinary projects which require knowledge on simulation and transportation system design, analysis and engineering.   Read More..

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