How We Work

At IDT, we recognize the challenge of developing novel solutions for technical problems. What are the requirements? How do we find the right solution to the problem? What investments are needed? Can we achieve it within a reasonable time frame?

When developing new products and applications with yet unknown outcomes, it is difficult to answer these questions beforehand. At the same time, investing in a project without these answers is risky. 

IDT provides you the opportunity of resolving engineering challenges during multiple stages. To support this process, we have developed a unique ‘Simulation Roadmap’ as a general guide to every project. This has been applied in multiple projects by IDT.

The IDT Simulation Roadmap, which is shown below, defines the required capabilities or improvements to your organization’s simulation needs as a function of time, and how these align with your internal collaborative engineering processes:

1. Use-case analysis

What is the problem and how can we engineer a solution?

2. System feature specification

Illustration of potential solutions and definition of required simulator features.

3. System design

Specification of complete set of systems based on trade-offs of alternatives.

4. Project realization

Designing, building, testing and commissioning of the system to achieve the desired use cases. Making your experience as real as possible.

With IDT as your partner, you are in control of your project.

IDT recognizes that every customer has unique requirements. We tailor projects to your specific needs.

We are pro-active, critical and determined to work with you throughout the process of finding the best solution. We inform you about new ideas and insights we may have to provide you with an even better solution. 

We apply systematic project management methods to keep track and control of your project progress, budget and time.

Our approach

After a clear definition and consensus on the requirements, we look into possible solutions. These may include off-the-shelf components, or customised designs. We have strategic alliances with renowned suppliers in order to provide qualified technical solutions.

Dependent on your needs, IDT can take up the responsibility as the project manager or system integrator, or can act as an independent technical consultant within your project team.