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By Simulation Architects.

Our Expertises

Simulation Consulting

If it moves, we can simulate it! With our vast experience in simulation and training, you will achieve the most effective solution.

Simulation products

When you need specific engineering, training or research simulation capabilities, we can innovate with you. We develop specialised simulation products.

Aviation Training

IDT develops and delivers specific safety-driven flight training programs to airlines and training centers around the world.

Dream Archtitects

Tell us about your goals and let us turn them into a tangible vision. We provide you with the knowledge to make it happen.

IDT Simulation Roadmap

At IDT, we recognize the challenge of developing novel solutions for technical problems. We offer you the flexibility to tackle complex engineering challenges in different stages. Our work process can be devided into four phases:

1. Use-case analysis

Defining and illustrating what will create a valid experience based on the research objectives.

2. System feature specification

Definition of required simulator features.

3. System design

Specification of complete set of systems that constitute the simulator capability.

4. Project realization

Designig, building, testing and commissioning of the system to make your experiences as real as possible.

Whom we help

We are passionate about our work, and we love interacting with our customers, who range from local engineering startups to large industry.

  • Academica & Research institutes
  • Simulator Manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Aviation & transportation Authorities
  • Aviation & transportation Operators

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