About Us

IDT is a specialized simulation consultancy and engineering company, serving many research, engineering and training needs. We maintain and engage a network of well-experienced consultants and specialists in the Netherlands and beyond. Nearly 20 years of experience in designing and integrating complete simulation environments allows us to execute complex projects involving virtual environments and simulation. Our expertise is applicable to vehicle simulation, display systems, motion systems, human factors and much more. We enjoy putting our creativity to work in order to help you find the solution to your challenge.

Our drive:

– Innovative solutions that improve safety, health and contribute to a sustainable future
– Collaboration with our partners to extend our reach around the globe
– Challenging the boundaries and striving to be better people along the way

We have large ambitions fuelled by our passion to listen, formulate and create what our customers desire.

Our Purpose

We create revolutionary simulation technologies and training that improve the safety and quality of life of all sectors used by people.

Our Mission

To design, develop and build simulation and training solutions to solve safety-critical problems in aviation, road, rail and mobility.

Our Vision

To be the trusted provider of simulation and training solutions

Our Values

Our values — customer focused, limitless, transparency, collaboration and quality — guide us in our operations. We challenge each other and serve our customers to eliminate their frustrations and accomplish their goals.