Our history and mission

International Development of Technology (IDT)

IDT is a specialized simulation consultancy and engineering company, serving many research, engineering and training needs. We maintain and engage a network of well-experienced consultants and specialists in the Netherlands and beyond. IDT is able to flexibly manage multi-disciplinary projects which require knowledge on simulation and transportation system design, analysis and engineering. We are experts in training concept development and human factors.

Nearly 20 years of experience in designing and integrating complete simulation environments allows us to execute complex projects involving virtual environments and simulation. Our expertise is applicable to vehicle simulation, display systems, motion systems and human factors.

IDT was founded in 2005 by Dr. S.K. Advani, well known in the area of motion-based flight and driving simulation. Prior to joining IDT, he established and operated the Simulation and Training capability at ADSE b.v., where he led simulation development projects for Boeing, NASA Ames, NASA Langley, BMW, the US Navy, CargoLifter and other simulation customers. Prior to ADSE, he was the director and one of the founders of SIMONA, a research simulation centre at TU Delft.

Mission and Vision

IDT is an independent and unaffiliated company that commands a strong track record in specifying and developing flight and vehicle simulators, and in managing complex multi-player international programs. The goal of IDT is to expand simulation activities in a wide applicational field and to offer customers the best solutions to fulfill their simulation needs. To enhance the sense of reality and to improve the quality of simulation systems, IDT is continuously involved in the development and improvement of simulation technology.

IDT treats each assignment as a unique project. Even customers with no or little knowledge of simulation systems are supported in elaborating their simulation ideas to adequate requirements, goals and training needs. The customer will be part of the project team and is supported from beginning to end of the project. For the specification and realization of simulation to meet the capabilities your organization requires, IDT brings together the world leaders in simulation. We coordinate large projects involving several suppliers and work closely with our customers to realize systems tailored to their requirements and budget.

Did you know?

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